Hobby Lobby vs. Sarah Palin

Harvey Lacey shared his views regarding that fabulous Sarah Palin with us today on Alexandria: “I think this lady has become a victim of her own advertising,” he wrote in conclusion. 



I added my own take. (The Palin bait is too easy to refuse on a lazy, Sunday morning.)

“The other day I was secretly enjoying my unintended, three-hour shopping trip at the ultra-conservative and Blue Law-adamant Hobby Lobby. Please tell no one. I SWEAR that I ran in for a frame and got sucked into some kind of black hole of Jesus Christ and half-priced mantle pieces and crazy, little candies called ‘Testamints.’ It could have happened to any of us.

“ANYway, in the clearance aisle, there was just a ton of crap, but in AMAZING abundance there was one item: the pit bull/hockey mom quote mounted on cheesy polyresin. Those things were ALL over the place just begging to be purchased by Stepford soccer moms peeking down the sale aisle (after already finding the fake fruit and flowers and seasonal patio furniture they came for).

“This really reinforces a couple of very basic, fundamental things for me: (a) the hard right wing definitely put too much stock into being able to sell this woman to its target voters — quite literally, even; (b) months later, the people aren’t buying Palin’s trite poo at severely reduced, closeout prices.

“Look, when my elementary school-aged daughter watches the news to crack up at Palin’s ‘jokes,’ that’s an indication Miz Sarah ain’t near the best this Republican party has to offer. In fact, Palin is an insult to true politicians on all sides of the fence — period.”

Neil DeGrasse Tyson mentioned a significant point in a lecture I attended this past February. He explained the correlation of avoidable disasters to our lack of qualified scientists and mathematicians. NDT believes that without properly analyzed funding and public interest, great minds of the future will choose other careers. Perhaps, this theory also applies to qualified public servants and elected officials. 

We seem to be gambling more than anything else. It’s all about picking a team and throwing your support and money down one tube, hoping you’ll hit some kind of political bonanza. At least, that’s the message I’m getting. The last Presidential election was akin to watching the Superbowl. When Obama won, we jumped out of our seats and chest-bumped ourselves into tomorrow with popcorn flying all over the couch and horns honking from the neighborhood beyond our windows. 

I meant it when I called Palin an insult to politicians. She is. Let’s vest ourselves into serious politics again with our feet firmly planted in the soil of society rather than private interests and divided parties. 

If Palin gets a cable show, then I’ll probably watch the hell out of it. She belongs on TV programming, not in my government.

I’ll even buy her bobble head. (Anna Nicole, R.I.P.)

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5 thoughts on “Hobby Lobby vs. Sarah Palin

  1. “He explained the correlation of avoidable disasters to our lack of qualified scientists and mathematicians. NDT believes that without properly analyzed funding and public interest, great minds of the future will choose other careers.”

    I Neil before you with two NYT links for your inner Lady Tyson: but I DeGrasse…

    Survey Shows Gap Between Scientists and the Public

    On the whole, scientists believe American research leads the world, but only 17 percent of the public agree, a new survey has found.

    When Poets Were Scientists and Nature Their Mysterious Muse

    Richard Holmes’s amazingly ambitious book about the Romantics fuses history, art, science, philosophy and biography – and makes a splendid case for treating the history of science in a bright new way.

  2. It is indeed an honour and a privilege – and for me as well, as Benny Hill would have said – to be thus dubbed knight by the International Kristan of Mystery, the awesome Austin powers that be. A Skillet Sir Prize will be at once cooked and awarded in your majesty, your honor, your Dame Vessel, your Lady Ship, now launched with a well-swung-and-swilled bottle of shom-PAHN-ya in Alexandria harbour (the royal U courtesy of the colonial me):

    Come all without
    Come all within
    You’ll not see nothing like the Lahti Queen

    - after Bob Dylan – ‘cos it couldn’t bloody well have been before him now, could it?

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